AGT Season 2 WINNER Terry Fator is successful… but how do you define success?

Terry Fator


Terry Fator, America’s Got Talent Season 2 winner is very successful!  Terry is extremely talented, with having 100 ventriloquist impersonations, and 16 different puppets in his act.

He is certainly a superb entertainer, however, he is far more than a Las Vegas act.  Terry and his show changes the lives of people every day, for the good,  including some of my friends.

It is a privilege to be in the “industry”,  (slang for entertainment) and an even bigger privilege when you meet people that you can call friends.  Terry Fator is one of those people.  When we were producing our successful Canadian TV Series, (Unscripted, a 1/2 hour celebrity biography show in 2008/ 2009 ) the executive producer added a special line up that focused on newcomer and AGT Season 2 winner, Terry Fator.

Terry drove all night from Las Vegas to the Beverly Montage Hotel where we were filming just to get to the interview on time! His professional and polite demeanor on the set demonstrated his impressive work ethic combined with his integral character to get to us on time. He can certainly personify the song, “I drove all night” ♬ ♬

Traveling along with him were some of his cast of characters!  I imagined the murmurings of these life like, delightful, and whimsical puppets having conversations with each other while complaining about traveling inconveniences being transported in a trunk.

What is really important to know about Terry, is that he is a deeply caring and compassionate human being and the thousands who have attended his shows have experienced that.  Friends of mine that Terry graciously hosted at his show in Las Vegas have come back to tell me the stories of audience members that he has supported through sickness, health and celebrations.

This past year he lost his beloved sister Debi. I did not know Debi, but I understand as I have too lost my sister in the past year and a half.  Terry’s willingness to openly share is heart and grief with his audiences endears him to those who get to participate in his shows. To hear his tribute to his beloved sister click here

A few nights ago, Terry delighted his audience with an old fashioned marriage proposal to his very surprised fiance, Angie Fiore  if you scroll down on his page FB Page,  you will see a very precious exchange between Terry and his new bride to be!   Congratulations Terry and Angie!

See Terry with Angie-

Cashman Photo

So how do you define success in the “industry”?  Outside of his obvious talent and over 290,000 FB fans, Terry’s success is his heart, kindness and amazing compassion!

If you can’t get to Vegas anytime soon, then at least enjoy his show here on you tube!

Proud to call you my friend!


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