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It’s been a while since I have been on my blog!

Many things have taken place since the last time I wrote here.  My precious oldest sister has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and it has spread to her  brain, lymph nodes and adrenal glands.  It has been a trying process for her and all who care about her.  One of the most important things that became clear was that my sister did not have a will.  Being that she has a life expectancy of less than a year,  and because it has traveled to her brain, the need to put into place her protections for end of life, became a priority.

Further, for her sake and the sake of her family members, a will was imperative.   She didn’t have one and those who die without a will, leave a huge family mess. At issue for most of us is affordability, and being that she is no longer working, trying to enable her to access a lawyer, given her poor health, became a critical obstacle.

I was introduced to a program that turned out to be something that would assist my sister at this time in her life.

However, this product and the benefits are for anyone, without having a critical event.

Legal Shield is the “insurance” for legal advice and support for only $26.00 per month. The option to add  identify theft protection is an asset and unlike any program I have ever seen.  From legal insurance support for  home based business or for small companies to benefit from the critical advice and expertise Legal shield programs provide, I have all the resources I need.

My sister just signed up simply over the phone and has already in the draft stages of her will. Her health care directions and will have been processed in less than 3 weeks from start to finish.  Your free will is included in your membership fee of only $26.00 per month! There is no reason to wait!

To provide you with accurate information  and to ensure we met the Unlocking Secrets for Women mandate of providing, quality products, resources and education for the benefit of woman and their families I experienced Legal Shield myself.

I had the honor recently, of interviewing my Legal Shield representative, Patricia Lapena,  right here in my own kitchen!    After doing this interview, I was completely sold and convinced that this an important program for anyone!

Not only did I understand fully what Legal Shield has to offer, but I signed up for the complete package. Recently,  I myself am now a new Legal Shield representative!  In the past month, so far, I have had over 6 –  1/2 hour conversations with lawyers, including having them read and assist me in 4 different contracts and HR advice.

This also included separate issues that my husband had.  He himself, has had at least 5 hours of conversation with a lawyer and that is all included in both of our one monthly fee of $26.00 for both of us. If you have children, they are included too.

I did not have to pay any extra money for the services that I have benefited from. In fact, I have also added the home based buisness assistance and added identify theft for both my husband and myself and  it is still a very low monthly rate!

This is truly a resource  I am very proud to represent.

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Here are the 6 segments for information on Legal Shield starting with the introduction to Legal Shield here:

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5.       Home based business protection and support –


6.       Small Business owners and their employees benefit!-


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