“School’s out”

It’s a lazy early summer afternoon and I am sitting here on our beautiful deck, enjoying the statuesque oak, maple and cedar trees lining the spacious back yard.  Just 20 feet away a squirrel is rapidly advancing into the maple tree to grab more seeds and filling the already fatted cheeks! I can feel the gentle breeze and hear the call of finches in the woods behind our new place.  Wild flowers we planted recently are starting to poke their heads through the rich, brown soil bringing the promise of butterflies and hummingbirds.   The red syrup is prepped and ready to attract one of my favorite birds in the hummingbird feeder just 3 feet away!

I spent a part of this afternoon sleeping on the covered hammock down by the oak trees.  I have never been in such a beautiful and restful space. It backs onto a ravine with a trickling creek down below. What a gift! ! It’s like camping in your own backyard! All it needs now is the big swing between the two giant oak trees! Can’t wait! Hubby’s next project! IMG_0248 IMG_0250 IMG_0251

Summer is a time to live fully, enjoying nature and trying new things. I work hard all year round as you do too  and so it’s such a pleasure to enjoy the time at home. Whatever you are doing this summer, make sure you are giving yourself the best summer ever!

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