Management and Operational Consultant, Adult Educator, Author, Speaker, Radio and Television Producer: President of Unlocking Secrets for Women Resources Inc.

Candace is an Management expert and Consultant with experience in Adult Education, Health Care, Media and Entertainment. Please click here to find out more about Candace’s consultant experience.

She is an inspiring speaker, adult educator, radio and television producer and talk show host, as well as an experienced Master of Ceremonies. With over 25 years experience, Candace continues her passion of educating and helping women and their families from all walks of life in any and all issues that need to be addressed. She utilizes her own experience and strong resource of experts to ensure access to quality information, education, products and resources.

Her experience and inspiration give hope and answers to women, closing the gap in education, motivation and encouragement and doing whatever is necessary to unlock the secrets. Her stories and humour captivate audiences inserting truth, with a spoonful of sugar!


“Solutions to life’s problems are usually within our grasp, we just need to know where to find them and how to use them” – Candace Newton Chaput © USFW Resources Inc.

From her strong background of facilitating, speaking and ability to be spontaneous, there is never a dull moment, easily setting the right tone for the right event regardless of what it might be. She shares overcoming tremendous obstacles as a street youth in a major Canadian city, while escaping domestic violence and becoming successful in spite of the odds. She leaves you feeling uplifted and hopeful and leaves you with gems to take away that will inspire!

Candace’s message is simple using the following guidelines:

“Do the Right Thing, at the Right Time, for the Right Reasons!” “THREE RIGHTS”! TM”- “Empowering Messages for a Quality Life.” © USFW Resources Inc.
Some of the life principles she created are:

  • – Don’t let fear make decisions for you-its always a poor indicator of the real situation. © USFW Resources Inc.
  • – Give more than you receive- the blessing has been secretly planted in the giving, not the getting. © USFW Resources Inc.
  • – Demonstrate integrity with the contacts that you have been given. Never use them for gain that is less then integral. © USFW Resources Inc.
  • – Own your own life. Never ask others for what you must give to yourself. © USFW Resources Inc.

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