Unlocking Secrets for Women Resources Inc.

Candace Head shotCandace Newton Chaput’s four-decade journey embodies empowerment and resilience.

Born in Victoria, BC, her life took a turn at 8 with her parents’ move to Northern BC. Escalating challenges, including her parents’ divorce, Candace faced an overwhelming environment. Now part of a one parent family and after a life time of being exposed to physical and emotional abuse from her father’s wartime trauma, she made a life altering decision at 12, and ran away. This tumultuous period included two teen pregnancies, resulting in one living birth, shaping Candace’s journey of strength and resilience.In 1980, a life-altering experience set Candace on a healthier path following her father’s passing. Shortly after, she married her first husband, who lovingly adopted her 5-year-old son. They welcomed another son when she was 24. Relocating to another country from 1983 to 1985, during the dismantling of apartheid in South Africa, shaped Candace’s commitment to addressing societal challenges.

With the addition of two more children and differing values leading to an amicable divorce in 1998, Candace, now a single mother of four, embarked on a journey to support her family. She focused on developing her skills in health care, adult education, and media leadership while her oldest son pursued an independent path.

In 2004, amid her parenting responsibilities, Candace established Unlocking Secrets for Women Resources Inc (USFW) and launched a ground-breaking radio show in Vancouver. This initiative quickly garnered support from sponsors like Johnson and Johnson Women’s Health Division and Proctor and Gamble. Selling 8 out of 10 shows in just 5 days, these companies acknowledged Candace’s dedication to empowering women and families.

Subsequently, Candace pursued further education in supportive medical roles through night school and college. Expanding her education, she ventured into adult medical training, specifically in Medical Office Assistant and Nursing Unit Clerk occupations. Candace’s commitment extended to transforming classrooms into dynamic spaces, emphasizing idea exchange and catering to women re-entering the workforce. Candace demonstrated her ability to collaborate and connect as a profound networker, forging meaningful collaborations with doctors, nursing professionals, and health authorities throughout Southern British Columbia, enhancing her classrooms and broadening job prospects for her students.

Known for her inspiring oratory skills, Candace assumed various roles as a speaker, talk show host, radio and television producer, and professional Master of Ceremonies. Her collaborations with local and international celebrities highlighted her commitment to creating a positive impact, with a particular focus on empowering youth.

Candace’s television production journey included her initiating a partnership with Two-Time Emmy Award-winning producer and former CBS VP executive and career launcher for David Letterman, Neisha Cohen, President of Prime Time Media. Candace has accumulated over 500 hours of Canadian television, including three national,  1 hour TV specials with compelling content, including the hit show “Unscripted”, with their crew of 17, interviewing over 180 recognizable celebrities in Beverly Hills.

Her commitment to supporting cancer research is evident through her involvement with the Michael Cuccione Foundation. Having a baby granddaughter diagnosed with leukemia and now recovered, the cancer diagnoses, and subsequent death of both her older sister and father and including several friends impacted by a variety of other cancers, research and development of cancer-fighting drugs and resources are of utmost importance to her.

As an influencer and leader, her advisory roles have included the Women’s Leadership Circle of The Vancouver Board of Trade and being invited 3 separate times to the panel of the Miss Representation movement, created by the first Lady of California, Jennifer Seibel Newsom, showcases her ongoing dedication to shaping meaningful discussions on women’s issues.

Featured in books by US and Canadian authors, Candace’s impact extends beyond teaching roles in Canadian Adult Colleges. Acknowledged in a Medical Journal by F.A Davis for her reviews on the role of a Unit Clerk, she remains diverse and impactful in education and healthcare. Candace has written significant curriculum in a variety of mediums in adult training, and has contributed or been mentioned within the chapters of many authorized books through her life contributions and experiences.

Since 2007, Candace collaborated with the Leadership Team of Ambassadors of Compassion, contributing significantly to the impactful and successful youth experience, “Lift Up Canada.”  In partnership with the pro sports teams such as the BC Lions, Vancouver Canucks, and the now-disbanded Vancouver Grizzlies Basketball teams, along with local charities and businesses the result culminated in the start of Ambassadors of Compassion, launched from the US in 2020 to help build and support the emotional and mental resiliency of today’s youth.

In 2023, she became the Executive Director for British Columbia, spearheading efforts to continue to unite celebrities, sports teams, businesses, schools, and non-profits to uplift Canadian youth. Ambassadors of Compassion, having already impacting over 100,000 American youth, expands its reach in Canada under Candace’s leadership. Candace’s latest endeavor, the “LUV YA MOM Journal Gift Box,” currently in pre-sales as of January 2024, exemplifies her dedication to fostering emotional and mental resilience among North American youth. A percentage of sales proceeds will contribute to a 10-week volunteer-led program through Ambassadors of Compassion.

Beyond all of this, Candace is most proud of her four grown children and their families. Two of her children are highly successful business entrepreneurs, with a philanthropic reach, and two are higher-level contributors to health care and education. Her three grandchildren are a testament to the love she holds dearly for her family.

Candace now married to her caring and supportive husband of 12 years, values his support for all she is involved in; helping her with the business, filming, and support of her many endeavors.

With a wealth of experience, Candace remains steadfast in her mission to educate and assist women and families. Her journey provides hope and answers, establishing a legacy marked by compassion, empowerment, and an enduring commitment to unlocking the secrets that pave the way for a brighter future.