Candace’s own version of her favourite things expands from organizations that she is proud to associate herself with,  to books and inspiring people, products and resources that she trusts will benefit your life too!

If you go to any of the sites listed below, make sure you tell them you heard about them from me! They will treat you as a friend!

Bal Arneson
Bal’s World

Bal Arneson is a wonderful, engaging and fantastic woman and example of overcoming and reaching beyond what she experienced in life and made an impact not only for women in countries around the world, but a difference in the way we look at spice and food! Check out what she has to offer.. Remember when you email Bal.. Tell her you heard about her from me!

Richard Burgi
Richard Burgi on

Actor known for his own series, The Sentinel Shot in Vancouver and Desperate Housewives and so many others is a very close friend of Candace’s… She adores him and his new wife Liliana and enjoyed some great moments with them and her other precious friend, Sammy Maloof! Richard, his wife, Lily, Peter Kelamis, his wife Alannah and Sammy Maloof , with his wife Jennifer., with Candace and her fiance at Sammy’s shop in San Gabriel, gathering for a fun Saturday!   Watch Richard on the show, “Unscripted” that Candace helped produce HERE:

Dyan Cannon
“Dear-Cary” -Dyan Cannon

What can I say to describe my dear friend Dyan.. She is one of the most compassionate and beautiful women inside and out and I love her as a dear sister!  Proud, proud, proud to be called her friend….  Dyan and Candace at the Laker’s game.. Thanks for the floor seats!!

Neisha Cohen
Prime Time Media

Extraordinary Two Time Emmy Award winning producer from shows such as Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Hollywood Squares, Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Jay Leno and so much more…. She is my wonderful and dearest friend and sister…you’ll just have to love her!

Cristina Colissimo
One Lucky Elephant

My friend Cristina and her partners have created one of the most touching stories of engagement and relationship between man and animal…. Just try not to cry!

Tai Collins
A Chance for Children

Beautiful compassionate and incredible work for kids in California… Tai (right of me) and Gloria left of me) two wonderful friends!!

Gloria and Domenic Cuccione
The Michael Cuccione Foundation

Two of my closest friends and some of the most integral people I know! Love you guys!

Eric and Jodi Hannah

Lift Up America

Producer, Director and president of Lift Up America, .. My dear Friend Eric Hannah! Check out the work they do!

Deborah Herman

For many years Candace has known about The Jeff Herman Agency and the fact that they are excellent Literary Agents – but did you know that Deborah Herman is a radio show host and writer, editor and all around great gal??  Check her out HERE.

Stepfanie Kramer

Stepfanie Kramer .com

What can I say – the best girl, sister, friend, actress and sweetest woman! Check out former Cop Dee Dee McCall- TV Series Hunter! Love, love love this girl!  Stepfanie was interviewed on the show Candace helped produce, “Unscripted”. Check it out HERE.

Liliana Lopez Burgi

Can you imagine having style, height and comfort!! Try out Salt Shoes! Memory foam.. Like walking on a cloud!!! Michelle Lee, Dee Wallace (ET Movie) Producer Erin Martin, Neisha Cohen, Liora Mendeloff, Stepfanie Kramer Michelle Lee and me!! Love Salt Shoes! !!


Sammy Maloof

Sammy Maloof .com

Sammy trusts Candace in his expertise and in a recent trip to LA she became his “human barrel”…..

Hollywood Stuntman, Speaker, Author, Businessman is a close to Sammy like a brother.

Reality Show Host
Sammy Maloof is a Hollywood stuntman, race car driver, motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur. His appearances include some of the most popular television shows, music videos and movies in the country such as, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, Fast & Furious, Rock of Ages, Magic City, Burn Notice, Spiderman 2, Rush Hour and Gone In Sixty Seconds (to name a few). Currently in development of his own reality TV show, Sammy’s passion is traveling the world as a philanthropist, partnering with other humanitarian aid organizations assisting, counseling and encouraging kids and adults of all ages through his non-profit , Winning at the Race of Life.®
Sammy’s racing career began when he was about nine-years-old when the San Gabriel California police clocked him doing over 75 miles per hour, flying down San Gabriel Boulevard in a gasoline engine powered go-cart that he built. When Lieutenant Larry Johnson stopped him, he stated, “It wasn’t always easy to catch up with Sam; his go-cart could fit through spaces I couldn’t get my cruiser through!” Larry is now a frequent customer at Sam’s Automotive and Maloof Racing Engines.

Candace Shows Complete Trust for Sammy- Human Barrel

Nick Noorani
Nick Noorani .com – Inspire, Achieve, Succeed

My dear friend Nick is one of the most dynamic men I know! Not only is he engaging, intelligent and compassionate, but he is passionate about making sure that all Canadians benefit from the resources and opportunities this great country have to offer!

Dr. Jerilynn C. Prior

Professor of Endocrinology at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada and Scientific Director of the Centre for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research is a clinician-scientist whose work is internationally recognized.

Her research and synthesis has shown the importance of progesterone as well as estrogen for women’s bone, heart and breast health and also that perimenopause is hormonally distinct from menopause, entailing higher rather than low or dropping estrogen levels.

She graduated with honours from Boston University School of Medicine 1969, is the author of Estrogen’s Storm Season–stories of perimenopause   (Finalist in Health section, Independent Publisher’s Book Awards, 2006) and has recently co-authored The Estrogen Errors–Why Progesterone is better for Women’s Health (2009, Praeger, Conn).

Dr. Jerilynn Prior is an outstanding endocrinologist, professor,  integral researcher and outstanding advocate for women. I have had the privilege of working with and for Dr. Prior in her efforts to ensure that correct and integral information regarding women and their feminine cycles are available. 

Hear Candace and Dr. Jerilynn Prior here.

David Robb
Utopia Residences

Carlyle Group and Head of Utopia Residences my dear friend David Robb… (with my honey Jim and of course, my co producer, Eric Hannah with the “ship”)

Dee Wallace
I am Dee Wallace

Candace and Dee adore each other!! A life long bond and friendship that remains to this moment! See Dee on
Unscripted, the show the Candace helped produced HERE.

Dee hosts her own show Conscious Creation! Here on Voice of America

Dee Wallace has worked as an author, teacher, dancer and actress in film, television and the stage for over 30 years. With over 100 credits to her name, Ms. Wallace is a true tour de force in this industry, working with countless directors, producers and some of Hollywood’s biggest names including Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Wes Craven, Joe Dante, Stephen King and Blake Edwards. Dee’s career began in New York where she studied with famous acting teacher Uta Hagen before moving to Los Angeles where she continued to hone her craft with her mentor Charles Conrad. Her many feature film credits include such classics as The Hills Have Eyes, The Howling, Cujo, Secret Admirer, The Frighteners, 10, and most notably her starring role in one of America’s most celebrated films, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, directed by Academy Award winning director and film icon Steven Spielberg. She was recently featured in the exciting new remake of Rob Zombie’s Halloween.

Wolfgang and CUT…
Wolfgang Puck .com

Fabulous food at the Beverly Wiltshire! Candace’s favorite restaurant when she is in Beverly Hills