Candace receives accolades wherever she goes and with that comes a feeling of pride. Here you will find a short list of the many personal recommendations and commendations she has received over the years.


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you on behalf of Ms. Candace Newton-Chaput.  I have known Ms. Newton-Chaput professionally for over four years.  Our professional relationship began when she contacted me to have my client, Best Selling author and fitness expert Michael Thurmond be featured on her television pilot. The program would focus and reveal how a mother and daughter would go through Mr. Thurmond’s 6 week Body Makeover plan at his spa in Santa Monica, California.

As a former network television producer (for David Letterman, Roseanne Barr, Jay Leno), I was impressed how Ms. Newton-Chaput contacted me without any introduction or personal contact.  Ms. Newton-Chaput did her own extensive research on my client Michael Thurmond and was quite knowledgeable about nutrition, weight training, and fitness. She had spent time educating herself about weight loss and my client found her to be more knowledgeable than most fitness trainers. She had the keen ability and resourcefulness to find out how to reach me.

She is technically savvy, can use any computer, iPad, Blackberry, phone application. She is highly organized detail orientated and can manage and supervise a small staff from 2 to 5,000.    Ms. Newton-Chaput can do any administrative assignment with panache as well an oversee an entire department effectively, getting everyone on board with a tough assignment that can be finished on time and under budget.

I am amazed at Ms. Newton-Chaput’s ability to communicate with anyone, no matter if it’s the CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation to an Academy Award Winning Actor to a homeless person. Ms. Newton-Chaput treats every person with dignity and respect, no matter what station they are in life.

Ms. Newton-Chaput became a co-producer on several television programs that air on the Vision network in Canada. It was at these ventures that I saw how highly skilled Ms. Newton-Chaput is. We worked closely with obtaining well known celebrities, motion picture actors, authors, humanitarians to be guests on a half hour biography television program, “Unscripted”,  “The Daily Weekend Edition” and“The Daily”.  I was impressed with how Ms. Newton-Chaput handled every guest with diplomacy. On her own she was able to get many well known Canadian products to be given gratis in Gift Baskets that Ms. Newton-Chaput designed and created to each guest on the television programs.

I have the highest regards for Ms. Newton-Chaput and would recommend her without hesitation. She is an outstanding, enthusiastic, skilled, person with the utmost integrity. No task is too big or too small.


Neisha N. Cohen

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to commend to you the talents of Ms. Candace Newton-Chaput.Over the past year and a half I have had the opportunity to work very closely with Ms. Newton-Chaput in her capacity as Guesting Coordinator and Associate Producer and Producer on several of our television projects.

Principally, Ms. Newton-Chaput was the driving force behind guesting and organizing much of the production and team-leadership on ‘THE DAILY: with mark & laura-lynn’ a five days a week prime time talk television series that ran for 325 episodes broadcast on Vancouver’s channel 10, Winnipeg’s channel 11 and all across Canada on VisionTV.

Her Herculean efforts to secure interview guests and locations for those 325 episodes are testament to her extreme tenacity, connectedness to the ‘who’s who’ of Vancouver’s business community and—to be frank—her mind-boggling work-ethic.  Additionally Ms. Newton-Chaput was guesting coordinator and associate producer for ‘THE DAILY: weekend edition’ a weekly interview series that aired Sunday nights as part of the ’60 Minutes’ block on JoyTV10 in Vancouver and JoyTV11 Winnipeg.  Ms. Newton-Chaput’s strategic relationships in Los Angeles were key to the success of this series.

Three high-end (and highly rated) television specials, one as part of the 2008 Canadian election, one focused on the 2009 U.S inauguration and one for Easter 2009, that was the third highest-rated special VisionTV broadcast in its fiscal 2008 year, rounded out my working relationship with Ms. Newton-Chaput for the 2008/2009 broadcast period.

For the 2009/2010 broadcast period we’ve had the pleasure of engaging Ms. Newton-Chaput to reprise her role as strategic production catalyst on ‘UNSCRIPTED’ a new biography program set to launch in prime time all across Canada on VisionTV September 2009.

I cannot emphasize too strongly the exemplary professionalism and staggering work-ethic Ms. Newton-Chaput has brought to her work with us. She has a real gift with people, an eye for talent and is a strong strategic thinker.  Additionally she just ‘gets the job done’ working the phone and her contacts list like no one I’ve ever seen.

She would be a credit to any organization fortunate enough to work with her. I commend her very sincerely to you. Please feel free to contact me in-person should you require further information.

Todd Cantelon


RE: Ms. Candace Newton-Chaput

To Whom It May Concern:

TMG Inc. has had the privilege to work with Ms. Newton-Chaput on three of our television projects over the past year.

Ms. Newton-Chaput was the driving force behind guesting for 325 episodes of ‘THE DAILY: with mark & laura-lynn’ a five days a week prime time talk television series that aired from September 2008 to September 2009 on Vancouver’s channel 10, Winnipeg’s channel 11 and all across Canada on Vision TV. Additionally Ms. Newton-Chaput was the guesting coordinator for 52 episodes of ‘THE DAILYWEEKEND EDITION’ a weekly interview series that aired Sunday nights as part of the ’60 Minutes’ block on JoyTV10 in Vancouver and JoyTV11 Winnipeg.  Ms. Newton-Chaput’s strategic relationships in Los Angeles were key to the success of this series.

Ms. Newton-Chaput has also been hired as the Production Manager and Publicist for ‘UNSCRIPTED’ a new biography series in production from May to November 2009.

I would highly recommend the services of Ms. Newton-Chaput to anyone, as she is highly professional, follows through with her responsibilities and pays close attention to detail. She is very likable and a delight to work with. Additionally, she is helpful, gifted and a real asset to any team. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Please feel free to contact me in-person should you require further information.

Tore Stautland


Wendy Ratel, CEO, Fresh-N Home Products (business partner)

I was with another company when working with you “I’ve known Candace for about 3 years. After hearing her speak we connected and she introduced my Diva Diamondz to Hollywood. They have been placed in the hands of many celebrities. As a speaker, Candace is engaging and funny. Candace also has fantastic connections and is a great resource. Thanks Candace!”

Tara Dara Rex

“I have known Candace for over a decade. She has ALWAYS been genuine and true to herself. She is truly connected and is ALWAYS willing to use her connections to bring people together on a personal level as well as on a professional level. She has always been like this. She is a true genius at networking. I’m always amazed how she has a contact in the highest of places. Candace is one of the hardest, dedicated, loyal, and committed people I know. Whether it be in friendship or professional settings, she is a go to person never wanting anything in return. If you have Candace in your corner, you know tasks will be completed on time and with integrity.”

Tara Dara –

 Helena Jehnichen(client)

Helena hired you as a Speaker / moderator / event host in 2011Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

“Hiring Candace as the event MC for the Sexy Healthy Wealthy Women’s event was an important part to the events success. Candace is very comfortable on stage and connected with the audience immediately. She was humorous and kept the event running on time. I would hire her again in a heartbeat and recommend her wholeheartedly.”

Duff Mitchell, National Sales Manager / Product Manager, Johnson and Johnson Medical Products

“I was fortunate to work with Candace several years ago, mutually trying to raise awareness of Women’s health issues and potential solutions. Candace was instrumental in facilitating several successful events, including an amazing radio segment and well attended speaker events. Candace’s enthusiasm, passion, integrity, energy, commitment, and “get it done” spirit, single handily delivered outstanding results for every function. Candace is an amazing person and truly one of a kind.”

Christina Sestan, Owner, citrus coaching solutions (business partner)

“Want something done? Ask Candace. Don’t know how to get something done? Ask Candace. Hitting barriers? Ask Candace. Throughout my 8 year connection with Candace, I have observed her to be one of the most competent ‘go to’ people I have ever seen. With warmth and genuine compassion that seems kind of absent in business today, Candace stands head and shoulders above many other ‘can do’ people in business. Her ability to understand big picture issues and distill them into easy-to-understand stories proved extremely valuable in her production role with “The Daily” television show. Probably her greatest strength is her intuitive ability to connect people together to catalyze powerful outcomes, of which I was the recipient many times. Candace is compelling, inspiring and about as loyal as they come. It has been my pleasure to work with her.”

Kristan Ash(client)

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

“Candace is so full of energy and a real connector. She knows how to get things done. Candace makes it very easy for people to talk to her and she gets them to open up and share very quickly.”

Ann Cavanaugh, Principal/Owner, Ann Cavanaugh Communications (colleague)

“I was delighted to be called by Candace to pitch in at the last minute as a PA for a series of celebrity interviews being shot in Los Angeles. Not having met Candace before, I found her warm, friendly, focused and very well organized. Her direction was clear, concise and well-considered. It was obvious she was an experienced producer, who’s learned to juggle tasks and people with great aplomb. It was a pleasure to work for Candace!”

Susan Moore, President, Bell Alliance Transitions – Bereavement and Life Management Support Inc

“Meeting Candace has been an amazing experience. She has shared her time and expertise in support of my company Bell Alliance Transitions AND she has been proactive is finding ways to support the Living Through Loss Counseling Society. I cannot even begin to describe the energy, generousity and enthusiasm that Candace has brought to the table. She didn’t ask for anything when we first met – only asked how she could be of help and she acted on it. It’s such a wonderful experience to meet someone who delivers what she offers – openly, honestly and with integrity!! I am thrilled to know Candace and look forward to collaborating with her! ”

Melodie Hull, Masters in Counselling, Professor, Nurse Educator & Consultant, Clayton International Consulting (colleague)

“Candace has an incredibly broad-based background in health care and human relations. Couple with her out-going, cheerful personality, she is an absolute asset to leading, designing and producing projects in multiple media. Candace is always accountable, always professional, excellent with deadlines, and always people-focused.”

Laura Mack,  Associate Consultant, Odyssey Leadership Centre (colleague)

“Candace is a dynamic, passionate, caring, powerful woman with an over the top sense of humour.”

Erin Martin, Executive Producer, Lunaria Films (business partner)

I was with another company when working with you“”There are those rare people in life who always add value to any endeavor or conversation. Candace is one of those people. Not only is Candace immensely creative, she is also passionate about her projects and brings the best of her experience and talents to each TV concept. She is generous with sharing her contacts in order to help everyone succeed. She can be counted on for honesty, integrity and a wonderful sense of perspective and humor no matter the challenges that arise. In a world where it is easy to say one thing and do another, Candace is true to her word and her follow through is exemplary.””

Susan Jarema, President, New Earth Marketing (colleague)

“I have been involved in several events and conferences with Candace. She was a phenomenal speaker and MC with an ability to improvise, make the room laugh hysterically and reach our hearts. She is a strong motivational force for any group. We love having her around!”


Unlocking Secrets for Women Event

Hormones, aging, sex and practical solutions. 

Attendees were informed and entertained as local medical practitioners shared their expertise on women’s health-related topics. From hysterectomies to leaking while you laugh, the doctors managed to keep the audience laughing even when dealing with topics that are no laughing matter.

“Our goal was to bring women and local medical experts together in one room because access to important health information enables us to be proactive in managing our personal health and wellness,” said Candace Newton-Chaput, a single parent, author, singer, speaker and adult education instructor and host of the event. The organization Newton-Chaput founded, Unlocking Secrets for Women Resources Inc, provides reliable information about practical solutions for women and their families and was responsible for bringing this inaugural event to women in Vancouver. The Spirit of Vancouver® was a proud sponsor of With Women in Mind, which was so successful it has already generated a buzz of anticipation for the next event. Proceeds from the event supported the BC/Yukon Society of Transition House’s “Loan Fund” for women escaping domestic violence. “We cannot believe how exciting it is to be part of your initiative at this early stage, when it is so clear that you are going to fly and really become a national and international force,” said Karen Stone, executive director, BC/Yukon Society of Transition Houses.

Attendee comments

I think you did a great job organizing a very information-packed (and humorous) event. — Marie Szklarz, ABC director, communications, Fraser Health

Thanks to you, Candace, for pulling the event together! It was a lot of fun.

Candace, I just wanted to let you know how much I (and the ladies I was with) enjoyed your show last night. I thought you were excellent. I also liked how it was a whole bunch of women joined together to learn about women’s issues. I would definitely go to something like that again. It was such a great event and I admire your ability to think of something like that and organize it all. Will you be having other similar gatherings in the future?

Dear Candace, kudos on the event! It was really one of the best-organized, most interesting and informative forums I have ever seen. I think the audience was right — it was most easily an “eight out of 10” — and don’t forget if women don’t get food, they aren’t happy! You and your volunteers did a bang-up job in all respects — pat yourselves on your collective backs. My suggestion for next time would be a half-day event with a program of even more speakers, snack bag, etc. Great working with you, and I hope we can do that again in the future. — Lori 

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the six of us who attended last night’s event thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Candace was a hoot, which really kept everything on an up note. The speakers were very knowledgeable and managed to keep everyone laughing even when they were dealing with topics that are usually no laughing matter. You certainly did an excellent job of organizing such an event in a short period of time. Congratulations to everyone involved. — Audrey

Hi, I wanted to tell you how much my mom and I enjoyed last night — it was such a nice evening. It’s unbelievable what you (and your team) put together in such a short time — truly amazing, you should be very proud of yourself. The team of doctors were all very interesting and well-spoken, and the pace was such that it wasn’t boring; if anything, it left you wanting to hear more (which is a good thing). Once again, congratulations on a job well done. I was telling my mom that with your first event going so well, I can only imagine every year will get better and better. — Julie

Hi Candace, last evening was a highlight for many FH employees, including for me. You are a very talented and energetic individual. I was honoured to have had the opportunity to participate in such a top-notch affair! We will insert an “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty” article/photo in our staff newsletter, Infocus. — communications advisor, Fraser Health, Suite 300–10334 152A Street, Surrey, BC V3R 7P8

Dear Candace, I was at the event last night and had a thoroughly good time! I hope that you will consider putting on this event on an annual basis. Your other speakers were to-the-point, on-topic, gave a balanced view point and were very professional.

Candace, Your words of wisdom couldn’t have come at a better time! Enjoy the pie, it tastes best. I hope our paths cross again!

Warm regards,

Lorna Stewart Williams
Acme Humble Pie Co.

Hi Candace: It was just wonderful connecting with you, and I loved your presentation – the words you shared touched me very deeply, and of course your humour certainly helped me to lighten up! (sorry I couldn’t help myself). I really needed to hear so much of what you were sharing – you are truly an inspiration!

Holly Steiner

Candace is quite a going concern. I met her yesterday at an eWomenNetwork event where she was the main speaker. What a ball of fire and inspiration she is – very infectious and just at the right moment in my life.

Anne Marie

Hi Candace, I am the sassy and savvy women, well that is my intention. It was so great to get up close and personal with you last night. I have heard a lot about you in the last few months: the WOW event, I admire everything you are doing in the world and how you are making a difference! Thank you for your inspiring talk.  I am now off to a silent retreat … what was I thinking?????? I look forward to when our paths cross again,



Hi Candace, It was absolutely wonderful to meet you, too! Your talk was fabulous: uplifting, warm, funny, real. Loved it. Many blessings back to you and your family