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With technology changing every day, it has now become possible for Candace to have moved her traditional radio shows to internet. Candace continues to interview interesting people that she believes are making a difference in peoples lives. Feel free to enjoy the programs Candace has aired by clicking on the one that interests you.

Is there someone you would like Candace to Interview? If there is someone that you find interesting that you would like Candace to interview, please email and name the guest you would like to hear and Candace will do her best to get them on her show! Enjoy!

Between the Sexes is Candace’s newest world wide radio show heard on her own Channel, The LivingNew Digital Network. Listen to her episodes here

Labia Plasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation with Dr. Roy Jackson

Part 1 20040307_1

Part 2 20040307_2

Part 3 20040307_3

1st half hour: Dr. Roy Jackson is a gynecologist with False Creek Surgical Centre and Southern Women’s health in White Rock and is dedicated to finding the most innovative procedures to help women with the most embarrassing female problems.  Find out what’s behind this “like a virgin” medical procedures.

2nd Half: Safer Schools – How are we progressing? We talk with MLA Lorne Mayencourt

Bullying?? Has it become safer in schools?  Vancouver Burrard Lorne Mayencourt open up about the safe schools initiative to prevent violence in schools.  Are our schools safe?

Sharpening the Focus on Sports, with Sandra Stevenson and Brock Turner


1st half: What are the responsible examples that parents needs to set when it comes to their kids and sports!  Listen to these wonderful hall of fame recipients and BC Lions coach Wally Buono, discuss what matters when it comes to parents and sports behavior. Coach Wally discusses himself as a coach and a father of athletes.

2nd half: Join Sandra Stevenson and Brock Turner from Sport BC in a excellent discussion of information on the best way to help your kids benefit from sports. Parents you will want to listen to how you might unintentionally make it hard for your kids.

Trivex-Varicose Veins & Teen Pregnancies


1st. half: Dr. Jack Pacey, from False Creek Surgical Clinic and Candace discuss varicose veins and the newest technology for getting rid of them!

2nd half.  Stepping Stones is a Teen age pregnancy organization that endeavors to assist teenagers when they discover that they are pregnant. Marion from Stepping Stones discusses why in this day and age of promoting the pill and promoting abortion, teen pregnancies are still on the rise. Perhaps we have never hit the nail on the head with kids!

Anti-Aging Injectables & When is the right time to seek out therapy? When to get help.

Part 1 20040208_1

Part 2 20040208_2

For the first half please join Candace… As she discuss those wrinkles? Find a safe way to do it from the experts at False Creek Surgical Centre! Get the facts! 2nd half:  Join Dr. Aaron Hait and Candace as they discuss, when to get help from a therapist? How long should someone be in therapy before you realize that you aren’t improving?

Judi Tyabji Wilson – A Woman of Dignity and Strength

Part 1 20040201_1

Part 2 20040201_2

Part 3 20040201_3

Part 4 20040201_4

Part 5 20040201_5

Are politicians human? How much of their personal business belongs to the public record? How do you recover when the whole country is looking at your personal life with a microscope and using your pain as a coffee cup discussion? Hear the heart to heart conversation of Judi Tyabji Wilson as she discusses those dark years surrounding the scandal that rocked the lives of Gordon Wilson and Judi Tyabji Wilson in the BC Legislature.

Surviving the Single Parent’s Divorce Earthquake

Part 1  20040125_1

Part 2 20040125_2

Part 3 20040125_3

Part 4 20040125_4

Part 5 20040125_5

Join Candace and Dr. Aaron Hait and other guests, including single dad Mark, as you listen on how to handle a divorce.  Children as well as the departing spouses can feel like a huge earthquake has just come in and rocked their lives.  In the same way that we would help to steady ourselves and our children in a real earthquake, the principles are the same when it comes to divorce.