Delta Hotels by Marriott™ Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort- Our Easter Trip! So Excited!





Our long awaited vacation is booked! 

Our reservations are secured for our ferry back and forth from Vancouver and Nicole has booked our rooms, ocean side and thanks to her, we are all set for our Easter Weekend and  4 glorious days at the Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort!

I have experienced the Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort for over 19 years!  We first came to the resort when my daughter, mom and our big group of young gymnasts and their parents were hosted for an event and I was able to get a great rate for the whole group!

The staff went out of their way to accommodate the many needs of such a boisterous group (picture walking on hands outside the restaurant and back hand springs all over the grassy areas)….

I have loved it ever since!

Back then it was already beautiful and perfectly situated with stunning views of the inner harbor and access to excellent walking paths!  We stayed there again a few years back when they were under renovations and the service and guest rooms were just as amazing!

We can’t wait to see the completed facilities and we will definitely be experiencing the spa!


….. did I mention they have booked a couples massage for us with RMT’s.  We have both suffered car accidents  and are required to use Registered Massage Therapists to help with our pain relief. We are thrilled that Courtnee , The Spa supervisor, worked super hard and quickly to give us a selection of dates, times and  our choice of male and female RMT’s!

And then….. we are booked for dinner at LURE RESTUARANTLure! Cannot wait to try some of the items listed on the the menu!!




Excited to share with you my upcoming review on our weekend experience complete with pictures!!

Family and peeps in Victoria??? Make some time for us on the Easter Weekend…

Now… Ocean Pointe Resort, how about some sunshine???


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