Great Glasses are GREAT!

Great Glasses ARE SO GREAT!









With consumers changing their purchasing habits to more online rather than brick and mortar, the companies that have to be brick and mortar work hard to keep their customers happy!

We feel this way about Great Glasses!!

A few years back my husband and I took advantage of the 3 for 1 offer that is still available now and purchased 6 pairs of glasses total!

This was then at the Langley branch closer to where we lived at the time.

Fast forward to this week, when in prepping for going away,  3 of our 6 pairs of glasses needed adjusting and replacement frames for one set!

Within an hour of calling the Delta store that was closer to where we now live, my hubby (I didn’t go) went to the store with 2 of my pair and 1 of his!

They took all 3 glasses, adjusted mine (without me needing to be present) cleaned them, completely fixed them on the spot, provided a brand new frame that fit the lenses for my husbands glasses and added all new cases, cleaning cloths and glass cleaner with NO charge!!

When my husband commented that we were so grateful for their quick and efficient service and no charge they stated….

” Happy Customers are what we aim for”!

Well you know what Great Glasses??? -you HAVE happy customers and we are super grateful!!

We highly recommend them!!!

Kudos for you for stepping up your game in this very competitive market!!

Unlocking Secrets for Women Resources Inc recommends Great Glasses!!!


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