The Perfect Northwest Self Care Retreat…. Semiahmoo Resort and Spa

I work hard.. too hard sometimes… so do you…

Life, in this day and age with all of our conveniences, seems to add to the workload rather than ease it…. so.. here’s how I relax.. and you can too!

For the past 22+ years, this has been my home away from home. Just a hop, skip and jump from South Surrey BC- this haven has seen me through some amazing, and painful and productive, and healing times.

Contact Micah the reservations manager if you want to stay in “my room”. Feel free to mention me and they will treat you like gold… in fact even without mentioning my name, Micah, Evan, General Manager Nicole and all the staff from housekeeping, to engineering, to the front counter, the spa staff and the wait staff are the best people and care so much for your stay-they will treat you like a king or queen!

Contact: Semiahmoo Resort
9565 Semiahmoo Parkway
Blaine, Washington 98230
Phone: 360.318.2000
Fax: 360.318.2087
Reservations: 855.917.3767

THIS IS HOW I DO IT!  This weekend, the first weekend after the start of fall,  I needed a  break… alone…. complete with candles, bath treats, natural skin and hair washing products from SweetLeiLani and Sugar and Spice Natural products (click on the name to go to their sites and order their amazing products).

I brought my diffuser (which I ordered from Amazon after having seen it at the Spa here at Semiahmoo- , with Saje Relaxing Oils  and proceeded to enjoy my weekend… I am still here.. 3 glorious nights of bliss and calm and self reflection… take a look below…


Honey wax candles, lavendar epsom salt bath, natural products for scrubbing and skin care…


Hydration at its best… smart water…. haven’t tested my IQ after, but I am pretty certain I am smarter now! 


Diffuser and essential oils… Saje Relaxing Oils    Bose sound to play my favorite, Lauren Daigle Music 

Bubbles and more bubbles……


My walk out to the ocean, wood burning fire place room…..


Honey wax candle light and wood burning fire… are you kidding me???


The gorgeous fall sunset!  Solitude with nature and it’s creator…. 


Plug ins for electronics… and the diffuser…. beside the bed to aid in sleep and relaxation…


90 minute spa treatment.. yes!  RMT receipts allow me to get an entire refund from my insurance provider.. did I say “free” 90 min massage??? 


Mentally ready for the spa……<3


The gorgeous contrast of fall colors leading to the entrance of the resort..where valets and accommodating staff wait to meet your every need…. 


Love the greenery surrounding the spacious property…..


I am so much at home, I am wearing slippers down the hall where I just heated up my left overs in the complementary microwave…


Captured the ray of sun, shining down at the back yard of the property beside the ocean and well kept gardens…


and… if you want to play… a sandbox… kids might be welcome too… 🙂 

Fire pit and smores….Yum! 

Rocking chairs to watch the children play, the ocean waves roll and the stunning sunsets….

For rainy days, a games  room filled with lots of choices and windows to view the ocean while the family plays.. this is a year round resort for family, business or solos like mine… 🙂 

Fire places galore!!

This greets you as part of the majestic lobby ….. can you say “west coast”? 


This welcoming lobby comes with welcoming staff……


Need a glass of wine for the sunset… they have everything you need in the gift shop beside the front desk…..


Oh ya… it’s not halloween yet, but the face mask serves in the bath as a refreshing treat…. this is exactly why you do this alone.. no point in scaring off your partner!


My feet are happy……


Come and join me and many, many others in experiencing the best,  most soothing place in the world….. all year round the family can enjoy the abundance of activities offered by the resort, fires at the beach complete with smores, paddle boards, bikes,  indoor, outdoor swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts…….. wine…. fires everywhere… home away from home…..and… did I mention the indoor theatre!!! Yup!!!

What are you waiting for??   COME ON HOME……

Semiahmoo Resort Golf Spa   Photo credit: 



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