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With technology changing every day, it has now become possible for Candace to have moved her traditional radio shows to internet. Candace continues to interview interesting people that she believes are making a difference in peoples lives. Feel free to enjoy the programs Candace has aired by clicking on the one that interests you.

Is there someone you would like Candace to Interview? If there is someone that you find interesting that you would like Candace to interview, please email and name the guest you would like to hear and Candace will do her best to get them on her show! Enjoy!

Between the Sexes is Candace’s newest world wide radio show heard on her own Channel, The LivingNew Digital Network. Listen to her episodes here

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy – with Suzanne Somers and Local Compounding pharmacist , Michael Millman

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SO what are bio identical hormones?  Am I really crazy? Women are frustrated with medical experts not taking their hormonal changes seriously. Candace speaks with actress, author and businesswoman Suzanne Somers about her new book and how she handles her challenges in the aging process. Found out what really goes on in a woman’s body and find out how local experts can help you make informed decisions.

Bobbi Hoadley – Women in the Workplace: Communication, Power and Bullies

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On this special mother’s day show, Candace is pleased to have author and speaker, Bobbi Hoadly. Bobbie is renowned for her involvement in the Girl Guides of Canada as well as an expert in communications and teaching women how to get what they need! Bobbi is the author of Babes in the Woods – The Women’s Guide to Eating Well, Sleeping Well, and Having Fun in the Backcountry

Colin Hansen – What’s New in Healthcare

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This entire hour’s discussion took place on the day and time that the Hospital employee’s union when on strike in BC hospitals.  What is ironic is that Candace herself is an HEU member and as an adult educator has assisted in retraining her fellow union members after jobs were restructured in BC hospitals.  Candace determines to find out what has contributed to the health care crisis and how to respond when you find out you are without work? Should we be dependent on a government for our future  that changes every few years?

Domestic Violence & Why Men Hit

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1st half: Monarch Place and the Marguerite Dixon Society are transition houses designed to create a safe place for a woman and her children to find a haven when it is no longer safe to be in their own homes. Woman find loving support and answers to some of the reasons behind the control of domestic violence. Join Adele Wilson and Lorrie Wasylu, Executive Directors of the Burnaby and New Westminster transition houses as they talk about options for women.
2nd half: Join Candace and Dr. Aaron Hait as they discuss why men hit.

Latest news in Breast Cancer research, Dr. Karen Gelmon of the BC Cancer Agency

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We have such an honour in this province to have some of the best medical experts researching the mysteries behind the over 1200 cancer virus’s that are responsible for breast cancer! Hear renowned scientist and doctor, Karen Gelmon give facts that every woman should know.

2nd half: Reconstructive Surgery & Breast Cancer Surgery in one visit, Dr. Van Laeken

Join the young women of the Young and Breastless discussing their own experiences with breast cancer and the challenges of reconstruction

Body Sculpting, with False Creek Surgical Centre

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Part 3 20040328_3

Part 4 20040328_4

1st half What does body sculpting mean and are their risks involved?. Listen before you decide. Make informed decisions with expert advice from the physicians at False Creek Surgical Clinic in Vancouver.

2nd half: Cosmetics – do they enhance our self-esteem?

If you have been to a Save on Foods store, Pharmasave or Shoppers drug mart lately you would have seen the fabulous products developed by local film industry make up artist, Lei Lani. has makeup for everybody and is all natural. Find out about these fabulous products and what really makes you feel like a naturally beautiful woman!

Stress Incontinence, with Johnson & Johnson, and Dr. Roy Jackson


Once again join physician Dr. Roy Jackson of False Creek surgical center talk about “leaking when you laugh” This embarrassing and annoying problem of urinary incontinence affects women of all ages.  Gynecare, the women’s health division of Johnson and Johnson has developed a innovative yet, less invasive method for dealing with this troubling problem for women.  Candace takes calls!