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Rowena’s Inn on the River, Harrison Mills, B.C.

Special thanks to Betty Anne -owner of Rowena’s Inn on the River, Harrison Mills, B.C. for her amazing vision for the property that has been in her family for many years.  Betty Anne is now soul owner after the passing of all her siblings and parents.  She has envisioned an amazing bed and breakfast that is so much more.   We enjoyed a wonderful weekend that can only be described in my video blog (see link below) and we ended the day with a golf cart driven by Jim around the amazing property that includes a 2100 foot air strip!

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Welcome to my new site! Kudos to my webmaster Michael~

Welcome to the New Unlocking Secrets for Women website!

Finally, after several years, I have had the opportunity to revamp my website thanks to the help of Hire The World, where I found my amazing webmaster Michael!  If anyone is looking for an excellent website builder and web host, ask me and I will introduce you! Affordable and hard working!   You can email me at and Ill refer you!

Please feel free to look around, click on anything click-able (lots to see and hear) and watch the videos and listen to both current and past radio shows!

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Health Minister Interview

Colin Hansen former Health Minister and Candace focus on teaching the public why there are challenges in health care.  This entire hour’s discussion took place on the day and time that the Hospital employee’s union went on strike in BC hospitals.  What is ironic, is that Candace herself is an HEU member and as an adult educator has assisted in retraining her fellow union members after jobs were restructured in BC hospitals.  Candace determines to find out what has contributed to the health care crisis and how to respond when you find out you are without work? Should we be dependent on a government for our future  that changes every few years? (This is a historical program)