Cold, Wind, Eyes, Smell, Wine, Money, Blood, and Big Feet

March 17, 2020- today being St. Patrick’s day it was also our parents wedding day in Britain way back in 1944~

But I need to tell you all about this!

This is Titled :

Cold, Wind, Eyes, Smell, Wine, Money, Blood, and Big Feet

Look for clues below…

Yup it’s all true… it happened.. all of it… no exaggerating…

Picture this… its Friday March 13, 2020… we had a sense to cancel our 6 month plan of being in California for spring break as we really recognized something is going on that we can’t control.  So we changed  plans to come to Victoria instead.  During the day Friday, we took a walk around our hotel and found this fabulous newer restaurant that we had never heard of!!  We were so excited that we booked a wonderful sunset seat for 2 for dinner later that evening.  It was brisk out and there was a wind warning… I dressed warmly, Jim not so much… it matters to the story…Cold…

We arrived at our dinner walking briskly due to the cold air and wind warnings that had picked up that afternoon…..we should have just turned around and ordered room service…..Wind….

We were seated at our beautiful sunset table and was handed the menu ….As I struggled to read the  light colored ink of the menu with my aging eyes .I couldn’t quite make it out so I asked Siri to turn the flashlight on my phone so I could read better….Jim wanted to be a gentleman so he told me to put my phone away and he would hold his phone flashlight over the menu… I was too polite to complain and I actually couldn’t see  with all his effort but I did my best…. And together we looked at the options… Eyes


In viewing the menu for the wine, it was decided by Jim, that I would choose a good quality that we usually see when we look at this web-site, moderate wine and for confidence, I would taste the 2 oz cab sav…… as from his non wine drinkers point of view it smelled better than the other one. Wine, Smell


So I ordered the two ounce (couldn’t quite read the price but the numbers appeared as single digits, so I was confident it would be fine)…… I then proceeded to order the bottle (knowing that the next night we would be inviting friends over from the Mainland to join us and we would share the remainder of the wine together with them) Eyes… Wine


We really enjoyed our meals and the sunset, and decided we were tired and asked for the bill. While waiting for it to come, I mentally calculated what it would be and I removed a couple of smaller splurges off my upcoming shopping list to pay for it…Wine


Then we got the bill…apparently the dark font of the ink from the bill wasn’t hard to read at all even though my eyes were still weak…. It was NUTS… apparently the two digits for the bottle of wine wasn’t accurate- I hadn’t see it… faded color of the ink… Eyes

The Wine… well it turned out that it was 3 digits!! Not two and I nearly fainted…. I saw myself fasting for the next week to make up for the bill I just had to pay!! Money

Walking back to the hotel I discussed with Jim that I had a plan to make up for the cost of the wine, with ideas of fasting and not spending anything on things I didn’t need… it got cold..and the wind…. …. Jim suddenly needed to rush back to the hotel.. the bodily dinner removal process had speeded up for him… and he was cold….and he rushed.. his legs are long and tall and can move much faster than mine… I saw the parliament buildings all lit up come into view and I needed to stop to take a picture

That only made Jim want to hurry me up more… so in my very solid flat boots, carrying a very expensive bottle of wine, I carefully rushed towards him to get back to our room with him … 150 feet from our room…I was barely 2 feet from Jim when the … WIND -a HUGE gust of wind- rushed around me and felt it move me.. it also moved Jim… in the dark with his beautiful foot right in front of mine… it was an accident…. Neither of us saw it coming.. but his 10 inch foot was planted firmly in front of my 6 inch foot and without warning… SLAM!! I WAS DOWN… face down…. My knee hit the ground before impacting my face….. neither of us could have prevented it…. It was just one of those things… and what did I have in my left hand that I had carefully…. Oh so carefully carried?? ….. precious cargo… WINE….. yup.. slammed to the ground along with me…. I heard it smash… I felt the moist wetness on my face.. but it wasn’t the wine I was feeling.. the gash on my nose was pouring out blood… along with my beautiful gorgeous red VERY EXPENSIVE wine…. Jim deeply concerned, grabbed me and walked quickly with me back to the room. I thought I had broken my nose and my first aid training came in quickly… so I started to tell Jim what to do.. he got me ice, and bandages while I proceeded to create a Steristrip to close the bleeding gash on my nose – really should have had 2 stitches… but I am a first aid person and I managed to stop the bleeding, clean the wound, close it and proceed to treat my throbbing knee that had two large scrapes on it.. thank goodness I was wearing  my good quality pants that prevented further damage…….

I am healing…. My nose has improved, my knees have improved……… but my wine has gone forever… I would have rather have given blood… ALL THAT RED is wine!!!……

The End….

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