Semiahmoo Resort- North West Washington- Welcome Back!!

For over 20 years Semiahmoo Resort was my “home away from home”.

As a radio host, and celebrity television producer, I enjoyed coming to the resort all year around for the comfort of the warm fires, beautifully appointed rooms, luxurious spa, amenities and spectacular ocean views.

In the summer I played on the sandy beaches, soaked up the sun, enjoyed fire pits and a fantastic glass of wine while rocking on a cozy chair admiring the sunset.  In the fall, I would take the quick drive through the border from Canada, to enjoy the colorful autumn leaves, long walks and bike rides along the spectacular Peninsula and bird sanctuary.  In the winter, the roaring of a wood burning fire complete with stunning ocean views from my room became the inspiration for writing.   The warm, pine and wood cabin feel with the luxury of a 5 star hotel, pool, indoor and outdoor courts, was everything anyone could ask for just a hop, skip and jump across the Northwest Washington border.


In the summer of 2012, after years of experiencing changes in management, I became disenchanted with the poor skills of the former management and owners.  Over and over they fell short of what this stunning property represented to the community at large and the cross border guests.   Last summer after an insulting conversation that left me stunned, I had no choice but to sadly end my relationship with the hotel.  I had planned on getting married there and hoping to enjoy our honeymoon, but the dream was shattered and plans changed rapidly.


The management and marketing lead at the time did not find value in my long relationship, promotion and advertising I had done for them spontaneously over the years. Through my natural love for the property, I raved about the resort, through my website, radio show and the numerous amount of guests both business and celebrity, that I had brought to the property.  I had even taken all my kids there since they young to enjoy the beauty of this jewel so close to home.  My 23 year old daughter, enjoyed playing the black baby grand piano in Stars for the guests one evening when she was only 6 years old!


As far away as England, I promoted this property! I shared my ravings about this spectacular resort and I was faithful to promote it regularly; the management did not return the loyalty.


Ten months ago, this spectacular place shut down.  We found out when we drove by one day and although not surprised, was saddened at the empty parking lot.  I couldn’t help but know in my heart it was an inevitable outcome. given the past few years of poor leadership.  I even tried to find a way to have friends of mine in a private equity group try and purchase the property, in the hopes of restoring both employment and the integrity of this marvelous place, but it was not to happen.   As a natural promoter, operational and customer service specialist, I knew what it would take to make this property an outstanding place and longed to see something happen for it’s future. It appeared to be too late, being closed for such a long time.


Then today, on a spontaneous unplanned visit, my husband and I decided to go for a bike ride down to the peninsula to enjoy the birds and the ocean.  We left our car down at the park still thinking that the resort was closed. We hopped on our bikes and while enjoying spectacular views and gorgeous weather, we were about to turn around at the parking lot to head back when we suddenly discovered to our delight, it has reopened!  I have to admit I was somewhat guarded and told my husband we really needed to see who the management was.  We approached the front desk and already experienced the friendliness of the staff, security guard and front desk manager.


To our delight we discovered that the Wright Group had purchased the property and has the Coastal Hotel Group managing it!  You can’t even imagine my excitement as I met and spoke with the front desk manager letting her know about my past experiences and my new excitement! From the bellboy to the security guard and the restaurant staff in Packers, their enthusiasm for the property, customers and rebuilding the strength of the glory days is amazing!

So, welcome back Semiahmoo Resort!  I’m excited your back and I am committed to supporting you and your success through my natural love and promotion of your property, as I have over the past 20 years!


Kudos to Coast Hotel Group and the Wright Group for doing the “right thing” and giving us back our sanctuary!




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