A Genius – Dr. Patch Adams :: Who Should Rule the World?


Patch Adams is a name we have come to know through Robin William’s brilliant portrayal of this unique physician and humanitarian who has given his life to bring hope, healing and joy to thousands world wide. Through the Gesundheit Institute Dr. Patch Adams has dedicated his life to bringing healing through laughter and joy, making the age old statement “laughter does good like a medicine” to life.

In this brief but compelling interview Candace first of all interviews the founder of Arch Angels Landing who was responsible for the interview and for bringing
Patch Adams to Vancouver October 2006. Then in her own unique style manages to get a few comments from Patch Adams regarding women ruling the world, and how to handle a child with cancer. Dr. Patch Adams rarely gives interviews and Candace was very grateful for this rare and unique privilege.

Candace paid a small price for her photos as Patch Adams won’t take a picture with anyone unless their finger is correctly positioned directly up their nose, keeping all of us in a humble state! Candace’s oldest daughter Shevonne attended and also had a picture…  hence…the finger up her nose too!  Enjoy!!

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