An Interview with William Paul Young- The Shack-


Faith- In 2007, when I had been asked to help with a TV production in Canada, one of the guests, former Captain of the Canucks, Ryan Walter handed me a book and said, “You need to read this”.   I did. It was,  “The Shack”. It made a difference in my life. It confirmed my “knowing” that what I had experienced as a young girl in my new faith was real and authentic inspite the amount of “religion” that I sadly fell into.

THE SHACK- THE BOOK – My intention isn’t to challenge anyones theology, but rather to emphasize that we all share in a desire to connect, to love in every way possible and I really think we all want the same thing.  I highly recommend the book- Warning -it will dig you deeply in a good way.   And if you don’t want to read it or watch the movie, because you hate religion- take comfort- God hates religion too – instead- Just call it LOVE <3


The Shack- The Movie- Starring Academy Award Winner, Octavia Spencer the movie…. will grip you…. -here’s the trailer: –

The movie will touch your heart in a way you can’t explain.  Its a tool for thought provoking, healing – Click here to see a taste……>>>>>>>>>





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