Coast Capital Savings- No one’s perfect- but They CARE!

Banks, Credit Unions and more! We have to use them… how do you choose?

Several years ago my hubby and I decided to change banks and take advantage of the free chequing accounts with Coast Capital Savings.

We want to support local business’s and community partners.

Over the years, there have been plenty of GOOD experiences  and some challenges…. recently I had a challenge and I went straight to the top!

On the same day of my challenge, while on HIS vacation, the CEO immediately responded to my email, called me, left a message, and I emailed back.

He promptly responded, heard my concerns, followed up with the appropriate staff and I received a personal call from the department manager involved and in a few hours my issues were completely resolved OVER and ABOVE what I needed! 

No one is perfect, and no organization is perfect -successful business’s experience growing pains….. but what makes Coast Capital Savings perfect for me -is the ability to listen, right the wrong and even reach above and beyond to ensure that my customer experience translates into my loyalty!

Loyalty towards me means loyalty towards them!

Coast Capital Savings did this and continues to be dedicated to serving its members!!

Since my post on FB that same day, a few people openly expressed some similar concerns that they had…. I invited them to message me and I would put them in touch with the CEO to help them resolve their concerns!!  The CEO followed up immediately on the same day with them, while still on vacation!!

How can you ask for more?

This is how I choose a company….  when I see and experience Integrity from the TOP trickling down!

Thanks Coast Capital… you have my loyalty!

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