LAURA DOYLE…. Mentor, educator, teacher, woman supporter, marriage healer and in my case, unintentional matchmaker!!!!

Today, and once again I had the privilege of doing an interview with Laura ” live” via Skype from her home office in CA and mine here in Vancouver BC.

Check out our wonderful interview here

Laura is the reason I met my husband!

She had no idea at the time that she helped me find my life partner and love of my life! I hadn’t met her yet! (We met a year later at the California Women’s Conference in CA)

In late Aug 2010, and working as a TV producer in LA for our Canadian productions,  my good friend Erin Martin asked me if I would take a look at a book to see if we could imagine a TV show.

Well, of course I had to read it!

It was titled “ The Surrendered Single”…

I was single.. not so much Surrendered- but for research I decided to read the book!

My name was written all over it so to speak! So as a experiment ( I didn’t want to tell anyone what i was using it for personally)  I practiced the skills in the book to see if they would work!!

They did!!  I met my hubby shortly after and discovered that we had many mutual friends both professionally and personally!!  His best friend from elementary school was my close friend for 20 years and yet our paths had never crossed!! Little did my then new interest know he was the subject of an experiment!  We both benefited!!

Today, after 5 years of marriage- Laura’s book “The Empowered Wife”    

Empowered Wife

and the   Six Intimacy Skills     has continued to add to the quality of my relationship and I can honestly say, that I am truly a “cherished” wife!   I don’t necessarily “need” someone to cherish me as I have a good sense of self and self care (after all the years of learning from Laura’s leading) but to be cherished is a bonus and makes the quality of our life incredible!


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Learn how to make the quality of your life what you have always dreamed!!

Love Candace

LJK (Love, Joy, Kindness) xxoo




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