Why Costco, in my opinion, IS the Number One Retailer -in North America!

Many of you know I am and have been a consumer advocate for high level corporations throughout the years in both Canada and the US.

As President of Unlocking Secrets for Women Resources Inc, we are committed to providing quality education, information, products and resources for the benefit of women and their families since 2004.

First featured on my Radio Show at CFUN in Vancouver, we built our brand with companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Proctor and Gamble and many others committed to providing quality products and services for women and their families.

I say this to underscore my commitment to being an advocate with positive experiences from Sears Canada, Sirius Satellite Radio and Air Canada CEO’s responding to emails I sent within hours on behalf of concerned customers.

However, nothing has impressed me more than my most recent and fresh experience with Costco Canada-and this time it was personal!

From my shopping experience with Costco, I have noted that they forge many relationships with vendors that provide a variety of products and services to their members. I really enjoy shopping at Costco and have benefited from their wide selection of outstanding quality merchandise for several years.

Without getting into details, I recently had an unfortunate experience with one of the vendors that I did business with through a Costco retail store. No sooner had I reached out and sent the email with my story, I received phone calls from the head office of Costco and their VP for the Western Region and their main buyer from back East including follow up calls to ensure I was satisfied and that my situation was resolved immediately!

I was given a swift apology and even received a complimentary “gift card for your trouble”, which although wasn’t necessary (since it wasn’t something Costco had done, but rather a vendor) the gesture was very kind and demonstrates an above and beyond approach!

Costco has got it right!
They understand who keeps them in business and why!
Their standards for customer care are the highest I have ever experienced in consumer goods towards resolving any issue with their members experience.

Bar none, they are the top consumer model of excellence in customer service and I sincerely mean that!

The success of Costco in my opinion is employees and leadership such as I have experienced that ensure they know the value of their members and move mountains to make sure we are cared for with excellence!!

For those vendors wishing to do business with Costco, be warned!!

Costco customers and members come first!

Hold your standards up high and you will fit in well with them ….and us!

For those that want to partner with Costco, there are lessons in excellence that I hope you adopt and will ensure the success that Costco continues to have!

Thank you to the leadership of Heather, Peter and Shannon for your very quick and excellent membership service in my most recent situation!!

I am a lifetime Costco shopper and they have proven their longevity in the marketplace and with good reason…..

I came first and so will you-and quickly!!


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